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Blockchain Technology and Digital Asset Management

Segenious is an innovative EduTech start-up providing digital asset management, investment training and certification solutions using blockchain based investment and gamification tools.


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Our courses are mostly preparing participants to exam based certifcations.

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Meet our Instructors

Our expert team bring +100 years of industry experience to share their domain expertise with you.

İsmail Hakkı Polat

İsmail Hakkı Polat

Blockchain Technology Digital Assets and Web 3.0 Transformations
Afşar Akal

Afşar Akal

CDAA, Decentralized Finance Specialist
A Türker Balkar

A Türker Balkar

CDAA, Technical Analysis Charting and Trading Strategies
Av. Elçin Karatay

Av. Elçin Karatay

Legal Counsel Blockchain and Digital Asset Regulations

CDAA Course Modules

Certified Digital Asset Advisor courses have a modular design where enrollees can take specific modules as well as taking the full-length course.

Blockchain Basics

Learn basics of blockchain technology.

Digital Assets

Learn types of crypto currencies and digital assets.

Programmable Money

Learn the fundamentals of programmable money concepts.

Smart Contracts

Learn how smart contracts work with programmable money.

Decentralized Finance

Learn both basic and advanced topics on DeFi


Learn tokenomic designs and how to evaluate a good token project.

Gamified Learning

GameFi and Metaverse

Learn Gaming Finance and Metaverse applications.

Non Fungible Tokens

Learn the applications of NFTs.

Technical Analysis

Learn charting techniques and trading strategies.

Digital Asset Regulations

Learn blockchain technology and digital asset regulations around the globe.

Sentiment Analysis and Trading Psychology

Manage mental states during trading and assess market sentiment

Tokenization of RWAs

Learn how traditional finance converges with blockchain technology through Real World Asset Tokenization

AI and Blockchain

Learn how Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence convergence and what it means for investment thesis.

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Understand basics of Zero Knowledge Proofs and how they serve to scale composable blockchain architectures.

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